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In the first instance always refer to your stove instruction manual. The following can be used as general guidance. An efficient burn of fuel providing heat to the room requires three things:

Time – the burning should have time to happen within the appliance before the combustion air pushes the flame up the chimney – where the heat released will be wasted.

Temperature – solid fuel burns efficiently at a high temperature giving rise to negligible smoke. If the temperature is insufficient then much of the potential heating value of your fuel will be lost and increased smoke will be discharged from the flue.

Turbulence – arrange the fuel in a way which ensures the air and combustion gases mix for an efficient burn, taking care to not overfill the appliance.

The flame picture in a healthy fire will be somewhere between:

Vigorous flame just reaching the exit of the appliance (noticeable when getting the appliance up to temperature but shouldn’t be maintained)

Lazy flame that moves across the whole space within the stove (very efficient when up to temperature)

Red-hot embers – very efficient, but may need more fuel before the embers die down.

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A First Class job… Our hearth and new Fire have been completed today and we are more than happy with the end result. The Fitters were pleasant and easy to work with, nothing was too much bother and NOTHING was rushed. Time, care and expertise taken to ensure a cracking job. Also the showroom staff were friendly, knowledgeable and helpful and again, nothing was too much trouble. A big thank you to everyone, especially the lovely Tracey, great customer skills and a happy smile…. something you don’t always see now-a-days. We would highly recommend Charlestown Woodburners & Fires to anyone.

Jonathan Creek

Brilliant service and fantastic value. Clean and efficient service. Love our new Mendip 8. Thanks to Geoff and all the team.

Andy Goundry

We would heartily recommend Charlestown Woodburners and Fires. They did a fantastic job fitting ours. We don’t have the easiest access to our property, but nothing was too much trouble for them. See our before and after photos. Posted today! Yes, that really is the same fireplace.

Bill Simpson

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